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Overselling empty promises while draining your budget is not something we do.

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Hi, I’m Tori.

Sauv Strategics was founded in 2017, motivated to help frustrated small business owners. They were being promised the world through expensive media packages and agency contracts. In the end they were back where they started, only more discouraged and with less in their pockets.

When you work with Sauv Strategics you work with me, first and foremost. There is no jargon-filled presentation, scripted powerpoint, or budget-breaking contract shock.

We (you and I) will start with a conversation on what you excel in and discuss plans for growth. You’ll teach me where you’re at and where you want to be; what has worked and what hasn’t; what you’d like to do and what your budget can accommodate. From there, we will start on a game plan to move you into the direction of where you want to be.

Making sure our ideas and strategies fit within your means, from budget to manpower, is a top priority. Efforts may be best implemented by you and your team, us, or a combination of both. They may work best all at once or in baby steps. Oftentimes, progress over perfection is key. However the strategy lands, we’ll have you on your way to introduce yourself to your best customers yet. 

Tori Deatherage

Tori Deatherage
Founder, Chief Strategist

It is our mission to help passionate people succeed. 

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